Vertie - Caribbean Blue

Green Pinkies

$ 5.75
Ready to garden? Our contemporary, innovative planter creates a vertical garden inside your home or on your balcony*

This versatile felt pouch provides green, living decoration on walls, fences and railings.  It brings nature to tight locations where space is at a premium. Optimize the use of walls, clear up valuable counter and floor space, and keep your cherished plants out of the reach of curious hands and paws. Arrange multiple pouches vertically, horizontally or in any pattern you like.

  • Indoors it’s live wall art for your living room. Keep fresh herbs in your kitchen. Many more uses, as colorful in-boxes to organize paperwork on your office wall, as containers to hold your kid's stuffed animals and more! 
  • Outside**, it refreshes small spaces with splashes of live color. Grow vegetables on your balcony or add blooming flowers to your patio
  • The felt fabric in this space saving container is made with recycled plastic. The plastic liner retains moisture, protects your wall from humidity and minimizes leaks
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. Decorative screw caps are included for a fun, finished look

*Make sure you keep black wall planters out of direct sunlight. They will get hot and make it hard for plants to thrive.

**Pouches last longer and work best when not exposed to direct rain.

Visit our 'How To' pages with ideas and tips on how to install your Wall Planter.


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