About us

Welcome to Green Pinkies. We are Stephanie and Julia and we’re glad you found us! We are proud to have founded Green Pinkies and are excited to share our love of making urban gardening fun – indoors and out.

We created Green Pinkies because we appreciate the hard work required to care for plants, particularly in small, urban homes. We believe greener spaces make better living.

No matter how big or small your spaces, whether you love flowers or veggies, we hope you enjoy finding products here to help you create greener surroundings.

Green Pinkies sprouted in part from our love of gardening. We also enjoy creating great indoor and outdoor spaces for fun with family and friends.  From mini gardening adventures to intimate dinner parties, a few simple but creative plants can make a big difference.

 Julia Grunert and Stephanie Ressel

Julia is a German transplant to the Boston area after some time appreciating the great English gardens of the UK.  Julia’s earliest gardening experience was the nuisance of a daily chore - watering mom’s flowers. She came to enjoy the richness of a great garden only later as a teenager. Today Julia relishes her garden as a source of delicious herbs and fruits as well as a serene space to relax with her husband and two young children.


Stephanie is familiar with managing limited space at her home in Cambridge Massachusetts.  Professionally trained as an architect, she loves well designed spaces.  Urban quarters, an appreciation of well thought spaces, and her belief that greener surroundings make for happier and healthier living led her to share her enjoyment of urban gardening through Green Pinkies. She and her husband enjoy watching their kids’ excitement of helping in the kitchen by harvesting herbs and vegetables - that’s more fun than setting the table.