How to use your Vertie Planter - Instructions

Preparing your Wall Planter

You will need:

  • Your Wall Planter and all accessories that came in the box
  • A paper bag (cut open) or newspaper to protect your work area from dirt
  • Tape measure and level. To pick the location of your planter and to make sure it's not crooked
  • Phillips screwdriver and/or drill, depending on your wall type
  • Scissors
  • Buy plant(s) appropriate for the location of your planter. Are you planting indoors or outdoors? Will the plants get direct sunlight or not?

The best way to fit the root wrapper into the planter is to cut it down to the same width as the opening of the pouch. This way, you won't have any difficulties sliding it into the pouch with the plants inside it.

Have your plants ready. Like I mentioned before, make sure to pick plants that work in the space your planter will be located. For example, I am hanging this planter in my kitchen. It is a fairly light space, but there is no direct light.  I want to have some variety in my planter, therefore I picked 3 different types of small leafy indoor plants. The amount of light in the room should be just right.

I picked three, because as a rule of thumb odd numbers make for good proportions/design.

Take them out of their containers and lay them out on the felt you have just cut to size.

Loosen the roots, as you would with any other plants you will be planting in a container. 

Fold the felt and slide it into the Wall Planter. The plants don't need additional soil. The roots will work themselves into the root wrapper and they will get nourishment from the retained moisture in the felt and at the bottom of the Wall Planter.

Remember not to put too much water in the planter. You don't want the roots of your plants to sit in water.
This is the first part. Now let's hang it up.






Make sure you water and fertilize as the plant you have is needed. My fern type plants are all happy with fairly moist soil. The ... seems to be the thirstiest. So I add a little extra water to it.

If plants are too deep in container use crunched up paper bag or newspaper to lift.

Bottom of Wall Planter works as reservoir. Reduces the watering periods.