How to use your Spudster Planter - Instructions

Planting your Potato Pot

  • Plant three seed potatoes in inner pot, preferably in peat moss.
  • Locate them in center of pot, mid height, leaving some space in between them.
  • Insert inner pot into outer pot and water thoroughly.

Caring for your Potato Plant

  • Water regularly, preferably daily. Fertilize occasionally.
  • Place in warm and bright location.
  • Cover pot with plastic sheet or plexiglass until potatoes sprout.
  • Alternately, pre-sprout potatoes, which shortens harvesting time by 2 weeks: in February place seed potatoes in bright natural light at about 68F, let sprout.
  • Starting with your plant inside is okay, but move pot outdoors once potatoes sprout.
At any time lift the inner pot out of the outer pot and monitor the progress of your potatoes!
Start harvesting after 8 to 10 weeks.
  • To harvest in mid-May, plant in mid-March, to harvest in early June, plant in early April
  • New potatoes will grow until first frost
  • Trim lanky plants down to 10”

If you prefer to print the instructions check out this shorter version of the instruction manual.