How to use your Hugger Planter - Instructions

Step 1 to install the Hugger planter: gather your materials and instruments Step 2 to install the Hugger planter

Planting Your Downspout Planter

  • Add about 1 cup of potting soil to your empty Hugger.

  • Loosen plants roots and place over soil.

  • Add dirt until it reaches the level just below the planter’s rim.

  • Pat down gently but firmly to ensure your plant has a good hold.

  • Add plenty of water and continue to do so over the following few days to help the plant establish itself.

Step 04 Instructions to install your Hugger planter Step 5 for installing your Hugger planter

Installing Your Downspout Planter

  • Decide on the location of your Hugger(s) along your downspout(s) and remember to pick a height that allows for easy watering.

  • Gently push Hugger unto rain pipe and hold it with one hand.

  • Put the fastening strap into place by inserting one end in one of the pot’s notches, wrap it around the downspout and then insert the other end into the notch on the opposite side.

  •  Fasten as tightly as possible.

  • The snug fit and the customized back of Hugger will prevent it from sliding down.


If you prefer to print the instructions check out this shorter version of the instruction manual.