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Spudster, our Bestseller!

Green Pinkies

$ 19.95
Hey you! I'm Spudster. I'm a cool dude that grows potatoes.
  • Start your own farm-to-table fun. I let you plant and harvest your own potatoes
  • I'm 2 containers in 1 so you can look at the taters as often as you want. See them go from small bulbs to ripe spuds in 8-10 wks. Yes, that's me. Spudster.
  • I'm convenient for urban farming and gardening. You can put me in your yard, patio, deck or balcony.
  • Kids love me. I'm perfect for schoolyard gardening, too.
  • Yes, I make growing your own potatoes fun.
  • Buy me. I'm great.

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