...install Green Pinkie's Downspout Planter

Ready for gardening, but you have no garden?

Our contemporary Downspout Planter solves that problem as the planter allows you to create a mini garden on your porch or balcony with the help of Green Pinkie’s Downspout Planter.  Even if you own a garden or a yard, the Downspout Planter offers increased planting opportunities without taking up any floor space.

What you need

  • Your Downspout Planter + strap
  • Flowers, Herb plants, seeds
  • 1 Downspout
  • Soil
  • A working area

How to plant the Downspout Planter

If you ever did planted any flowers in a pot, this will be a piece of cake for you.

Identify an easy accessible downspout on your house or condo and choose the right flowers, plants or herbs for that spot.

Fill the Downspout Planter with sufficient, lightly wet, soil and plant the the plants/seeds of your choosing into the planter.

Let’s hang Downspout Planter up

Take the Downspout Planter along with the strap to your chosen spot on the downspout. 

Hold the planter with one hand and slide the strap with the rib into the gap of the backside of the planter.

The ribs on the strap slide into the two notches on the pot

Fasten the strap as tight as possible. The snug fit and the customized back of the Downspout Planter will prevent sliding.

Enjoy your plants and your new beautiful outside space!

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